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Frequently asked questions about Identity Truly Q: Who is Identity Truly? A: Good question. Really. Q: How old is Identity Truly? A: Identity Truly is in an age were he/she is able to write. Q: In which languages can Identity Truly communicate? A: In several. For example: in English, Danish and German. Facial expression. Gesture. Building things in clay. Singing. Q: What gender has Identity Truly? A: Identity Truly can have diverse genders, also diverse blends of genders. We can discuss this over a cup of tea. Stop by. But wait a minute - does Identity Truly drink tea? Or rather coffee? Cocoa? Water? Milk? Whiskey? Questions spawn questions... Q: Which skin color, eye color, hair color, hairstyle, height, weight, shape has Identity Truly? Which clothes does he/she wear? A: Please specify what it matters for. Q: Is Identity Truly privileged? A: Yes. Q: What sexual preference has Identity Truly? A: Identity Truly has as strong preference for good sex, as opposed to bad sex. Q: Does Identity Truly have preferences? A: Yes. And they dynamically change. There has also been continuity over the years, e. g. a preference for diversity, change, dialogue, curiosity, reflection/reflectiveness, honesty, reliability, leftwing activism, kindness, playfulness. Q: Does Identity Truly have an identity? A: Yes. The identity of Identity Truly. Even more: he/she is the very embodiment of the identity of Identity Truly, truly. Q: How does Identity Truly live? A: He/She does not hide it, so if you're around him/her you'll see. Q: Is Identity Truly a human? A: There is evidence that Identity Truly's texts are not generated by a device or a non-human. So there is reason to assume that Identity Truly has some human features. Even though he/she, her/his cup (glass?) of tea (coffee, water, cocoa, brandy?) and many other constituents form a socio-material composite. Or is he/she the very composite, and not just one constituent? A cyborg? A giant frog-shaped structure connected to a CPU, programs, devices, a living human body in a wheelchair? Q: Does Identity Truly have a choice? A: Yes. Q: Is Identity Truly ignorant? A: Yes. Sometimes he/she knows it, sometimes he/she isn't even aware of it. That's the nature of ignorance. By blogging and getting your comments he/she has created a chance to learn more and overcome some of his/her ignorance. Q: So who is this Identity Truly? A: Good question. Really.

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