Forfatter Emne: Århusiansk baseret fotojournaliststuderende søger polyer  (Læst 4104 gange)


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Århusiansk baseret fotojournaliststuderende søger polyer
« Dato: April 28, 2012, 19:57:26 pm »
"Kære polyerne,

my name is Rafael and I’m a photojournalism exchange student from Germany studying in Århus for a year.

While recently reflecting on all the broke up relationships in my family and on my own struggles with love, I realised how destructive the ideal of the one and only perfect partner can be.
Reading Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving also brought to my mind that love is an activity; that it is about giving; that a person who gives much is rich. Now I just started a project on “what we are missing” in Danish society despite of the welfare state, and I felt that Fromm’s thoughts on love could be useful as a principle to connect members of society as well, as he also writes “if I truly love one person I love all persons, I love the world, I love life.”
Thinking about that, I got very interested in talking to people who don’t limit their love to one person just because the majority thinks that this is what love means. So I was very excited finding out that there was a name and a movement for this that I hadn’t heard about before and about finding the website.

Now I’m getting to my point; I wanted to ask if some of you could imagine me visiting you and your “lovers” (and if possible also their lovers, if this is not an endless network) when you’re having a date to listen to what you got to say about what love means for you and how you got to these attitudes, how society reacts and things like that. And as I’m a photographer, I’d also love to take pictures during your dates. I’m not sure about what they could look like, but I’m a big fan of Nan Goldin’s recent work (like this and could imagine situations like sitting or lying in bed or just standing somewhere hugging or kissing. Whatever feels natural at that moment will be fine; and of course you can also decide later if you don’t want to show a picture I had taken. But I think we really could create some strong, beautiful images that speak to people’s hearts – if the viewers see one and the same person expressing love to several people and not hiding that but being confident about it. You will get a nice print and I would use the pictures and interview quotes as a chapter in the website I’m supposed to finish it until the end of May as my diploma project here, but I’ll most probably stay in Denmark until 11th or even 30th of June; so if it’s necessary we could also meet later. I’ll probably be in København around the 12th of May and in Århus for the rest of the month, but I can come to anywhere in Denmark, didn’t see much of it yet.

Sorry for this epic letter, I would just love to hear from you if you’re interested but also if you’re worried about something. And you’re of course more than welcome to pass this message on to other polys.

Kærlige hilsener
Rafael Brix